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  1. Really interesting. I really do not understand why brushless motors due to reliability problems aren't available in Europe anymore but in good old USA they work like a charm.

    I think I'll need to import wheelie from USA )
  2. Interesting. And everything works okay? No typical problems? This DX-GB module is being changed once per year if you're lucky always out of warranty.
  3. OK. But in the USA you're using modules from Dynamic Controls or somebody else?
  4. Hey Jake, hopefuly I'm not bothering you.

    The thing is. I got my faulty controler aka power module back. It's DX-GB-AS model. Importer/workshop user support in Slovenia is pretty rigid and doesn't want help in any way. They can just provide brand new parts.

    So, here are the pictures of the faulty unit. Would you be a man of gold and try to help me indentify faulty part? I know couple of professional electronics guys who could fix it for me, but do not know what to fix it. Because I lose just a drive. Lighting and lift still works so my wild guess would be that the motherboard cannot be dead.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


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