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  1. If you are looking for a really out of the way place in the us, is very nice. We have stayed there and it is near the Victorian town I grew up in. They have a ramp in the garage. They have a bath tub in one room and a regular shower in the other. But the owner said his sister in law (who uses a wc) showers at a club near by. My husband used the bath tub no problem. We might buy a shower chair and leave it at the house, since we plan to go there twice a year or so (visiting family). The owner is very nice and we have had only nice things to say about them. It is beautiful and very peaceful. Port Townsend is near by (cant get much more beautiful). Also within an hours drive is boats to Canada. And the Olympic Nation Park. Seattle is an hour away too.

    *sigh* I cant wait to get back!
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