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  1. "suckered"...... not really. Your dealer is just following normal practices. All funding sources will replace a chair every 6 years. He is probably wanting the sale and trying to get you a new chair.
    Parts are not a issue. That is a very popular chair and parts are not a problem nor will it be a problem for the next 5 years....
  2. Question? I have an Inavcare Torque 3 for Formula CG Powered Seating with tilt/recline. It will be six years old this May. Last week the sales person came to talk to me about a new Roho cushion I asked for. Well the new Roho turned into getting a new chair. This chair has gotten very little use in 6 years due to where I live. His reason was parts will no longer be manufactered for this chair. Am I being suckered. If it's not broke don't fix it.
  3. second gen tdxsp is pushed back until next January...
    Would you happen to know if the newer model is out yet.
    And does Invacare apply the modifications you improve on their chairs.

    Really looking forward to 2nd generation TDXsp. Supposed to be launched in January. (I'll be looking for it in February...)
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