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  1. Teena,
    I'm doing okay.
    I'm glad your kitchen is coming together. The kitchen in my house is so much better than it was. I could still use a low food prep surface.
    I'm about to start painting the porch. My new housemate is finally clearing his stuff off of it.
  2. Just saw your question...yeah...the furniture store that sold us the appliances had a retired carpenter who did the cabinet work for a very nominal fee. Since I posted last, our new range konked out (loose wire, was fixed in no time flat)...and the carpet we ordered was discontinued, so we had to order different carpet. AND the bar extension in the kitchen had to be supported and the guy at first put basically 2x3's on it, and they looked horrid and would have been a hazard to everyone's knees, so I went and complained when I ordered the new carpeting, and they came back out and put in braces that were flush with the underneath angle of the bar/cabinet. Looks a thousand percent better!!! Thanks for asking...sorry for the whine...I'll bring cheese next time...LOL! And how are you?
  3. I'm good thanks...going thru a kitchen remodel at the moment...Never knew something so simple could get so complex!
  4. Hi Teena,
    How are you?
  5. Thanks so much Teena!
    You too.
  6. Hey, Rich! Have a great week, ok?
  7. I just PMed you...
  8. Hi teena,
    I wish you a great day, also!
    I'm signing off now- planning to read in bed.
    I'm often diverted to watching TV instead of reading.
    So, tonight, I'll try reading, instead.
  9. Hey, Rich! Take care! Have a great Tuesday! Teena
  10. Happy New Year!!!!!

  11. Thanks Teena.
    Thanks for your warm message!
    Man, it's late. I better get some sleep.
    Have a nice weekend, too.
  12. Hey, Rich~

    Good to see you here, friend!

    Have a great weekend!

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