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  1. Not really neighbors in the true sense of the word since we live a little further than a stone's throw away from each I live in a small town called Orland on I5 near Chico I'm sure you've heard of it.. On occasion I get down your way and spend a little time at thunder valley :-)
    I hope you didn't mind me saying hello I seen one of your post on someone's thread about living alone and being a quad. I found that very interesting being a quad c4/5 wondering how you were able to do it I've always lived with family. (27 years)
    I only know one other person in Northern California who's a quad and he lives with family so if there isn't a lot of information to gather from him either.

    Hope things are good with you, take care
  2. Are we neighbors? I live in Roseville. : ]
  3. Hi Karen, just wanted to drop a note saying hello hope life is treating you well :-)
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