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  1. 9000ft,

    I am sorry that I did not see your post until just now. To my knowledge, Albany is not one of the Alseres centers and I am not sure that the phase 2 trial has started.

    He should have gotten methylprednisolone and I am glad that he is off the vent. As you know, if he is ASIA C, he has a good chance to regain unassisted ambulation. Even as an ASIA B (sensory only), he should regain a fair amount of function back.

    He needs a lot of support and needs to work hard on his recovery. I don't know of any therapy in trial right now that he could be involved in. He needs to recover as much as he can.

  2. dear wise,
    Sunday am a good friend of my son, Noah, was injured C4-C7 in a diving accident. He is currently in hospital in Albany, NY hoping to move to Craig asap. It appears at this time that his injury is incomplete-he has some sensation in hands and toes. He has been removed from initial vent.
    Since this injury is still "acute", do you know if the Cethrin trials are still going on or if it is possible or plausible to check this out. Do you have any recommendations for treatment at this early time that might help him.
    This is just so devistating...such a high injury. Any help you can offer would be so appreciated.
    Best to you.
    Mimi Wight
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