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  1. I have a poker stars account too, but I don't use it because it seems like their software is always dated looking, and, like you will go to click on something and you will have to click on it 2-3 times, it always seems like it's lagging. That's awesome that they let you take the money off before the ban though.

    Yeah, in limit poker you will always get that person who will just keep checking and then calling your raise. The only thing I really like to play on poker stars was their double or nothing sit and goes
  2. Holy crap, my largest bankroll was between $400-$500 and only had about $70 on Full Tilt when they decided to keep our money. I also played on poker stars, but at least they let us withdraw funds before the ban.

    I prefer no limit as well. That's the only way you can really apply pressure to your opponent.
  3. I love to play poker. I also had an online account and that's were I played most of my poker. When they closed the poker website I had over $1000 on my account... fulltilt says they are working on getting people their money back, I really hope I get that back. As for playing at the hard rock... I press with my one hand on the edge of both cards, and that lifts them up just a little bit,, then I put my thumb underneath to lift the cards up, sometimes it takes me a while but the players there were helpful and nice. Some even helped me with my chips, but I mainly just kept my chips cluttered everywhere.... ha ha. I played $1/$2 no limit. That's the low stakes, I don't know about limit poker, because I'm better at no limit. I've been to the hard rock at Tampa, but that was before I could gamble... it's nice
  4. I was reading in your thread today that you like to play poker, me too. How are you able to lift the cards off the felt? What stakes do you play? At the Tampa hard rock they have $1/$2 no limit and I'm not sure on the limit games. I've been there a couple times, but used to play a lot more poker online before the United States banned us.
  5. I'm a C-5, C6 complete quadriplegic. My dad is going to move down with me. He's going to stay with me and help me get set up. I already found an agency that I liked when I was down there and I think I'm going to use them. My dad will live with me until everything is under control i.e.… Good caregivers, and my bp & showers go smoothly. He said he is going to look for a place in Weston, because he knows a few people out there and it's not that far from where I am. 10-15 min.

    Did you meet your wife after your injury? Can you drive?

    I'm about 15 miles inland from the beach of Fort Lauderdale. Will I still get a seabreeze there?
  6. Just curious, what level of injury are you? I'm C-5.

    I lived in New Mexico for 10 years before moving to Florida in 2001. NM is where I had my injury and met my wife. I live not far from Tampa because I get my medical care at the Tampa VA and it's one of the best SCI hospitals within the VA system.

    It is hot and humid most of the time and starts cooling off in the late fall. The summers really kick my ass so my outdoor activities are limited in the daytime. Fort Lauderdale should be nicer though because of the seabreeze. The more inland you are the hotter it feels.

    Florida's a pretty diverse state, but you can tell you're still in the Bible Belt. I wish certain laws were a bit more relaxed here.

    So are you moving down here by yourself or with family?
  7. Do you like it there? Also, how long have you lived in Florida? A couple of the questions. How long is it hot and humid for? I know in Fort Lauderdale it stays hot all year round, but I don't mind the heat, it's the humidity that can get to me sometimes, but I still preferred over a cold winters day any day.

    I've been to Tampa (twice), Orlando (twice, that's also where I got injured), Clearwater, in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale was my favorite. I really liked the diversity of people down there, everyone seems friendlier too. I lived in North Carolina for one year when I was in fourth grade, and there was definitely a stark difference between the North and South. The people in the South were much friendlier and nicer… I think it's that southern hospitality.
  8. I live in Plant City. It's about 30-40 min. from Tampa and an hour from Orlando.
  9. I'm moving to Sunrise Florida... it's basically Fort Lauderdale. I don't know if you are familiar with the area or not, but my house is about a half-mile from the Sawgrass Mill Mall. I'm moving to this place... the development is called Artesia. What part of Florida you live in?
  10. What part of Florida are you moving to? Florida winters are a lot more tolerable than up north, but the summers are pretty brutal. I'm from upstate New York originally and wouldn't mind being a snowbird if I could afford it.
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