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  1. Hi Tim
    I sent you a friend request. I'm a former New Yorker myself. Before moving to Oldsmar Florida in October of 1997 with my parents I lived in Beacon New York and worked 5 minutes up the road at the VA Medical Center @ Castle Point New 'York for over 21 yrs after getting out of the Air Force in May ' 75. I presently live in Spring Hill Florida with a fellow with an SCI. My roommate is a fellow Veteran and is a T-9 Paraplegic post US Marines due to a gunshot in bed at home. May I ask how you got hurt and what your level of injury is? I have moderate to severe lumbar spinal stenois and degenerative disc disease which qualifies me for care under Spinal Cord Injury Service VA Hospital in Tampa Florida which is about 45 miles or so south of where I live here in Spring Hill Florida. Forgot to mention above that I was born in . Please send me a reply on my e-mail address :
    Take Care Tim
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