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  1. I have had ny SP for 2 or 3 years and my MS is cauing me A LOT PAIN just about evrery where. I jused to have to go the bathrom CONSALY and just don't what do. ANY IDES?
  2. How long have you had SP CATH? 2 years for me and it me ahile to get used to it.

    It HURTS some days. WHY?
  3. Hi Susan, I am doing well, sounds like you have a few problems with your sp catheter. Mine has been a godsend and beets the every 6 hour straight caighthing program. I have no problem with smell or hiding my sp.
  4. Hope you are ok, i hate this sp cath. I cannot wear anying it or will show.

  5. The SMELL of my bag is HORRIBLE !! Does any of any ideas?
  6. The SMELL of my bag is HORRIBLE !! Does any have any of any ideas?
  7. Sp cath. My stinnks, how can help with that?
  8. What kind of pain? If its sore and the skin is rubbed open it needs covered and treated till healed. I get AD everytime mine is moved at all idk why, I just have to live with it, not much I can do.
  9. Pain why? What can do i do stop the pain at sp cath site?
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