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  1. Thank you for your response. Today is the year anniversary of Bryans injury & I need to remind myself to breathe deep just to get through each day. I am trying to push my son but am worried that I am pushing to hard. We have not been working on transfers as his neck and shoulders quite often bother him. We are in temporary housing in Calfornia at PW and do not have a bed that would encourage those skills. He has only been in a manual chair for about 3 weeks & I think that that may be the best way for him to gain additional strength for the independence skills. How long did you live at home? Did you have help other than family to make the transition to independence? How do you sit up in bed to transfer? Do you have triceps? Hands? Fingers? We are also working on controling spasms which create an obstacle. Sorry for the intrusion into your private life but experience is the best teacher when you are living this new dimension. Any thoughts you could share would be great! peace be with you
  2. I drive a 08 nissan altima, I have a pic in my album of my car and my bed is a iron bed with the sleep number system in it, it is flush wiith my wc so the transfer is an easy slide over. When transfering into my bed or car or wherever, I slide my hand which is sort of clench fist under the board (I use the ultra-slick which is really light) and once i have it under my thigh I push it from the end to get it really under the leg so it won't slip out when i transfer. Have you checked out the transfer videos In the life forum, they're at the top of the page, please look at them, they are great to get some ideas on transfering. Any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask, I'm glad to help. Jerri
  3. Your son at C6 will be able to transfer independently don't give up. I was injured at 18 and my mom worked with me to become as independent as I could, she told me my sister and herself wouldn't be around forever. Unbeknownst to me my pt therapists told my mom what I was capable of so when I got home she really pushed me whenever I got lazy. I learned how to cath, get dressed and transfer in my first year. I think its really important to have strength because it helps with transfering and other daily living skills.
  4. My son is approaching his one year anniversary and currently has not mastered transferring. At about what point did you master a basic transfer? What type of car and bed do you transfer from or to? How do you grab and place the sliding board? I currently work with him and together we have a hard enough time......can't imagine that he will be able to transfer safely in the near future. Currently functioning at C6 with right tricep and a trace of his left...... Independence is our focus, at 21 years old he needs that to feel better about life!!!!!
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