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  1. Yeah, I voted around 4pm yesterday, only had to wait about 10 minutes or so in line. They haven't started picking our corn yet, but it looks real good. Hopefully it does well!
  2. Harvest is slow here too. You do know the first liar doesn’t have a chance this time of year. The corn crop is coming out above average. We went 195 and 20.5%, but that is not what we are telling the neighbors LOL. You get to vote yet? I think we should have a national holiday for a presidential election.
  3. There is still alot of corn out there, but they're goin to town now. Its still pretty wet. Buddy of mine was out friday night and it was 20-24% on the monitor. Haven't heard much yet for yields, heard a few people talk of 220+bu corn, but I don't know if that was the field average, or just spots from the yield monitor.
  4. How is the crops your way? Having a bin buster here, late harvest and the wind has giving us some whore corn but we are getting most of it. Have not been on line for awhile. I like this new system they have set.
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