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  1. I don't have a SP catheter. I have a mitrofanoff stoma that I can use intermittent catheters from and that sometimes hurts to insert a catheter into if I have a bladder infection or inflamation in my bladder. Have you asked your doctor about using Pyridium? These tablets reduce bladder pain very well, especially if you have to have a Foley catheter in all the time. The only drawback is they turn your pee orange and can sometimes stain clothes if your SP catheter leaks.
    Another thing that might help is for the urologist to put a small diameter tube in, so its not rubbing against your bladder as much and causing inflamation.
    Hope this helps!

  2. how do u deal with PAIN AT YOUR SP CATH? I am in pain a lot
  3. I don't reber do you have sp cath? If so how long and how do you like it? My ms is not going very well so the sp cath hurts bad!!
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