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  1. Oh nice, hi Ryan :-) clever screen name. I definitely admire your attitude and your take on this whole experience.
    I was hit by a car a little over a year ago as I was crossing a crosswalk. The woman was driving about 45 mph, but the whole thing is really all stories for me since I don't remember any of it.
    Unfortunately, my therapy is on hold right now because it needs to be approved by my insurance first and that is beginning to have its complications on its own. Yikes. How about yourself?

    Oh yeah, and my name is Kenza .
  2. by the way, my name is ryan haha i realize that with all the screen names- no one knows their real name.
  3. i was going off a jump snowboarding... and i overturned trying to grab my board doing a trick and landed straight on my back and shattered t9,t10. yeah im at uc san diego and sometimes i feel like im missin out on alot as well. but i try to stay motivated and tell myself that 90 percent of people wouldn't be able to deal with what we go through...and call it quits. so thats sorta my motivation...
    how did you get hurt? are you still doing therapy?
  4. hmmm yes fairly close. Things are okay at the moment and I seem to be getting by, although I do honestly feel like i'm missing out on a lot, at least some of the time. how about yourself? What happened, if I may ask?
  5. hey- my roommates in college are from newbury, oak park and westlake pretty close to sherman oaks rite?. im from arcadia- you were injured around the same time as me... how are things going?
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