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  1. Anytime you want to talk please call me. My name is Elaine, what is yours? My cell number is 682-225-7381. I would love to chat with someone who is in our shoes!! Hope to hear from you soon. If you get voicemail, just leave a message with your number and name and that you are from carecure community.

  2. Thank you for your seems we have a very similar 19 year old son at the time Jan 25, 2008 was a passenger in a car after a party also in the wrong car, no seat belt etc, accident resulted in SCI C5/C6....won't go into all the details. Please know that I feel for your family!!!! CHOOSE HOPE NOT FEAR!!!! Would love to chat if you would like..let me know and I will e-mail you my phone number. Sometime sharing with others on the same journey is healing in so many ways, not to mention all that we can learn from one another that we can not learn elsewhere. Peace...
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