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  1. Glad to hear things are improving. I am trying to do more too. Iusually keep busy till lunch and then take a break and do stuff in the evening. The pain is still the biggest issue for me too.
  2. Sup Steve, Glad to hear from u. My pain is gettn more manageable here lately i'm 2.4 yrs post things do get better i just keep movin. 1 thing is when i exercise hard, the day after i'm in pain my nerves, muscle and stuffiness, but i'm gettn stronger, stronger no pain, no gains remember . I do alot of dumb bells "ROM" 10 to 20lbs lifting them in different direction........ 3 reps of 15's, push ups, And stretches legs,hands,abs,back,fingers,hand basically all muscles daily throughout the day mostly.
    The heat is tough, I drinks cold water and keep ice nearby. My body temp is gettn better too. FYI i do what u can, the pain does get less for some of us.
  3. I was wondering how much pain you have. I am 14 months post surgery and can sort of sit and stand. Walking is still very painful but I try to exercise at least 4 hours a day. Have you noticed more improvement or has it stabilized. I am still improving very slowly. I have to regulate body temp a bit otherwise I overheat. What exercises do you do. I find riding in a car to be annoying unless on smooth roads or if I don't have to drive and can just lay back and sleep. Just thought I would ask.
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