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  1. study hard
  2. Nothing special here, still at school.
  3. My wife and i are updating our kitchen cupboards,opal countertops,bamboo floors etc. Excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How about u?
  4. Hey, how goes in your lovely corner of the world?
  5. just 2 say hi
  6. Can't complain. I'm enjoying the nice weather!
  7. m good.
    how have u been?
  8. Hey there. How goes?
  9. just dropped by 2 say hello
  10. keep warm.......
  11. I'm doing ok, thanks for asking. It's only October and I have 2 fleece blankets on, plus a space heater. I hate the fall!
  12. how hav u been keeping
  13. accessibility is ok here
    i also have a degree in law and is an ex cop.
    all d best on ure phd studies
  14. How is the accessibility there?

    I'm a perpetual student currently working on a PhD (history) and I have a small business. Helps to kill time.
  15. m from diamond village
    san fernando trinidad
    its nice to know u
    how do u spend d day
  16. One of my aides is from Trinidad. I'm in Vancouver, Canada.
  17. Hey there. Whereabouts in the Caribbean are you?
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