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  1. Hi Evonne, Glad you made the trip to Va. Hope you enjoyed your visit. When I hunt on my own, I hunt family land or property of friends. However, most every weekend of hunting season I am coordinating a hunt in some part of the state. I direct the Wheelin' Sportsmen program here in Va.(an outreach program of the Nat Wild Turkey Fed.) We provide outdoor opportunities to the disabled such as hunting, fishing, shooting events. So every weekend from Nov to Jan I'm off hunting on new properties. We had 17 deer hunts during that time so my season is packed with travel and long days. Fun, but not without lots of work on my part.

    And yes the cold is tough on me and the other hunters. I wear down underwear and for the most part it keeps me plenty warm but I look like the Michelin man in the woods! But I always get cold, just comes with the sport

    Take care....

  2. hey...i was in Ashburn VA for the holidays with my brother. Was cold-isnt that hard with a sci. Saw lots o deer. My brother said most hunting is on private property. Do u hunt at a club or do u have your own hunting ground??

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