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  1. Hey Evonne,

    I'm doing pretty good. How about yourself?

    I've had a pretty fun summer. Looking forward to my daughter coming home from Iraq here in a little over a week (August 25th).

    Hope all is well with you. Find me on Facebook (Kevin Bass in Cash, Texas).

    Take care.
  2. hey...jus checkin on ya and seein how things are in your neck of the woods. Anything new and exciting?? Any cool summer plans?? hope to talk to u soon

  3. I've been here since 2004. They can't get rid of me that easily.
  4. gosh i am so glad to hear u say that because it is why i left too....i can't believe the mods are scratching their heads and wondering where all the Rep. went. Oh, they'll be back once Bush is outta office. Please......I've had enough of the bullshit there to last a lifetime. Glad to c u r still here on CC tho
  5. No. I haven't left CC. Just will not be posting regularly in Politics for a while. We are definitely and have always been outnumbered. But more so now than in the past. It got impossible to get a point across or keep up.
  6. from the political boards??/ if so, i did too
    her is what Leschinsky told me when i said i left because of the blatant bias liberal mod.

    Steven and I believe more republicans will post in Politics once Bush is out of office so you may feel more comfortable there later.

    i doubt it , the Republicans left because theywere run off.

    Have u also left CC??
  7. No. I've retired for a while.
  8. hey man.....u still killin um in the political forums??? i had to step out the liberal bias to too much, on ALL fronts stay strong
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