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  1. Have not been the best lately. I am trying to find out if I have some kidney problems. UTI's are a bitch; know I am not telling you anything. I also fell and broke my leg. The crazy thing though is I didn't know I had for a month and my leg has already healed. Now my leg is crooked and I am not able to get my feet on my chair by myself.

    Been awhile sence I have been here so how have you been?
  2. The Hendricks camp for sure. Jr. 88 has had my attention for years. I am used to this type of driver have been a Cubs and Vikings fan all my life in order to get my heart used to coming close, but no cigar.
  3. who's yourfavorite NASCAR DRIVER //
  4. thanks for stoppin by....things been ok 4 u lately???

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