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  1. I posted some info about my situation in the Baclofen FAQ thread, I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. I think most people have generally good results with the things, good luck to you if you decide to get one!
  2. Ah man, so sorry to hrar that. I am tryin the Bioness 3000 to help with my walkin now but my spasticity is gettin so bad on my right leg that I may eventually end up going to the pump..........gosh i am so sorry to hear it is not workiin for you. Any particular reason that they are tellin u why u r havin problems with it?
  3. Bah! The baclofen pump has been a complete failure, it's cranked all the way up and it's still doing nothing. I'm waiting on test results to find out why. Other than that, business as usual I guess. And you?
  4. hey have things been going for you these days???
  5. Muddling through I suppose, and how are you? I'm anxiously awaiting the baclofen pump placement, which will hopefully happen in January. Until then, I'm the tinman. Oil can!
  6. how have u been?

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