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  1. Sorry, I had to split this post up.
    With all the nonsense going on with my Dr's, life is still GOOD! Not only do I get to celebrate Father's day today, Tree & I are celebrating our anniversary. I can't believe she has put up with me for 12 years.
    Thanks again for the check up. Knowing other people are caring makes the small things disappear.
    How are you and yours doing? Any plans for the summer?
  2. Evonne,
    Thanks for the check up. The family is doing great, Eli turned 7 and Mikey & Steven turned 4. Steven is learning to ride a bike W/OUT training wheels. They grow up way too fast.
    I'm staying out of trouble, but not by choice. I don't know if you've been following the Mitrofanoff thread, but I just had that done in May and have been waiting to give a follow up until after everything is done with. The Dr's didn't put me back on my blood thinners after the surgery and I developed a bloodclot in both legs. I spent another week in the hospital for that, and didn't get all the clots taken care of yet. I go back to Indy tomorrow for a follow up and the plan is to ask that Dr. what went wrong with my medicines.
  3. How goes it Mike....looks like it's almost been 6 months since I've checked on ya. Too dam long! How ya doing...better be staying outta troubel Really tho, how r thing with u and the family??

  4. Mike,

    We also saw Bedtime Stories and my 6 yr old loved it too. Thanks for the info on it. Sounds like u n yours had a wonderful holiday season, i am happy to hear that. take care

  5. I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. We had a very nice and easy New Year. We took the kids to see Bedtime Stories. It was an awesome movie. Steven (3 yo) was so into the movie. He clapped every time Adam Sandler's character would do something great.
    Looks like you're having a blast in your new pic.
    Hope you have a great year.
  6. Thanks Evonne. We have already had some of our Christmas. My wife's mom & dad took us all (wife's b&s and their kids 18) to Disney World this year for Christmas. It was great spending time with the whole family. The only thing better than spending time with the family was the weather and the looks on our kids' faces when they saw the magic of Disney. I'll try and post some pictures later.
    Hope you have a wonder and safe Holiday Season.

  7. Mike....just wanted to say hi and wish u a Happy Holiday season.

  8. Thanks for the invite.
    I think I finally figured this new feature out, getting the message to the right place (if you don't get this, I guess I don't have it figured out).
    What do you mainly hunt for? I normally just hunt deer, but I might try for the overabundence of rabbits we have. MMMM, rabbit stew.

  9. i tried to answer u and it posted on my site yes i still hunt and will continue to until i die....same goes for work, i guess i'm a glutton for punishment
  10. I still hunt when I get the chance. Last yr, I found my muzzleloader had a lot of rust behind the breech plug and didn't get it cleaned out in time for hunting. I hope to do some later this yr. Do you still hunt?
  11. it's actually a pig horrible pic and long story to boot!! so do u still hunt??
  12. Evonne,
    I have to ask, what is that in your profile picture? I'm assuming it is something that walked into your crosshairs, but I can't make it out.

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