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  1. I looked at your pictures, thanks. Great dog pictures and you have a lovely family!

    Max will be three June 1. That same month and year (June 7) I had to put my black lab Dugen down. He was the best. Max isn't a good walker either but hopefully some day it will get better.
  2. I love labs. We had a black lab for 13 years until he passed away from cancer. Loyal to the end.

    Labradoodle's are cool too, extremely smart, but require more grooming depending on the coat and ours sheds very little. Our black lab on the other hand shed constantly. So it's either vacuuming dog hair daily or having him groomed every 2-3 months. In some ways the personalities are similar, our labradoodle is a much better watchdog though with more energy (of course he's not quite 2 years old still) and both very affectionate. Bennie is not a service dog, but I can get him to close doors around the house and retrieve some things for me. Walking calmly beside me on a leash is a whole different story yet… How old is Max? I'll friend you and you can see my albums. Coco, our older, 29 pound, shelter rescue, mixed breed is the alpha dog of the two. Unbelievable because Bennie could have her for lunch.
  3. Hi again, yes I am a dog lover and I have a black lab, Max. The next dog I get I was thinking of looking into a labradoodle or some kind of doodle cause they don't shed
    or not much I hear! I'd be lost without my Max..........(O:
  4. Why thank you! That is Bennie, our Labradoodle, when he was a little younger. He turns 2 next month. You must be a dog lover too.
  5. Very cute profile picture of your dog!
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