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  1. Hey Rob,
    I saw in one of your posts recently you stated that your considering colostomies? Do you mean that you will have two bags hanging off your belly or just one for your bowels? Funny in a way that you are because I've cosidering the same thing. Last time I saw Dr. Del Vecchio,Urologist @ VA I had asked him if I could try taking the sp catheter out for awhile & using a bag sealed over the stoma instead to catch the urine. He said my stoma was to low on my belly. I have to go back in early February 2009 to see him as he will be gone most of January on vacation to Argentina to visit his family. I'm considering a possible colostomy also because I'm tired of fighting w/my bowels to clean me out. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom sitting on the toilet & nothing comes out.
    Check out this e-mail group on YAHOO! it's called
    Ostomates_R_US. You have to join the e-mail group first then wait to be accepted by the moderator. It's an active group of guys n women. I also have a telephone number for a guy in California who is an ostomate & he sells a belt that you wear to support the colostomy. I believe he has it just for his bowels.On the Yahoo! e-mail group there is one or two people who have a colostomy as well as a urostomy.
    Jimmy Smith is considering a colostomy also & having his urinary procedure reversed to a urostomy instead of cathing thru a stoma in his belly.His leaks so he has to wear a bag to catch the drainage.I don't think Jimmy has a bladder anymore. I think it was removed when he had the urinary procedure. He has to cath quite a few times a day around the clock. That must be a pain in the ass. I know it was for me the other night I went to bed w/o a bed bag. I just plugged my sp catheter & it seemed like I was up every 2 hrs or so all night long peeing in the toilet. I tried wearing a diaper to bed a previous night & wound up wetting the bed anyway. So so far for me the sp catheter is the best solution to date. May be I will just stick w/it & put up with the leg bag during the day & the bed bag at night.

    If you want to talk about colostomies I've done a lot of reading & read peoples stories about what they go thru living with a colostomy or a urostomy or both.

    Take care. Let me know what you would like to do.

    Fellow Veteran, CC Member & Wheeler
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