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  1. I'm good thanks, making reservations for w2w in Phoenix this year where I hope to meet more ccers! You?
  2. Hi Nic - quick hello - wanted to say thanks for the goatee compliment. How're ya doing?
  3. I'm having less patience myself these days, putting in less effort really. And my wording tends to be convoluted, cc has too many good writers that I envy! You communicate quite clearly with strong arguments, but you would being a teacher. Time for me to go back to school!
  4. Aw shucks.....I just calls 'em like I seems 'em, Les! Thanks to you for the effort you put in (I so often just don't have the patience!) Hope you're well -
  5. ''If you don't care for her thoughtful refutations, don't post things that are so slanted."

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