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  1. A friend and his wife have just been in laden with fish and chips, after the four of us had eaten ourselves silly there were still a couple of portions left. I thought of you but couldn't work out a way to ship them to OK still warm, sorry:-(
  2. Hi Beth, it's a minute past midnight here 4/11/09 so have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  3. There, sent suggestion to Steven. Volunteered your services, too. More cooks improve the stew on projects like this, we do it at u2fp constantly. I just wrote an advocate's toolkit for u2fp, added tons of templates and scripts for calling/writing/visiting legislators, writing letters to the editor. We've found that people, given a template, will participate. Some just lack security in ther writing skills, or get intimidated by a blank screen. (Clearly not a problem of mine LOL.)
  4. I think I'll ask Steven if I can write one and they'd make it a Sticky. Need to do it before summer travel season gets here. And I need cspanos to write up that awesome island he stayed on, where he was sitting on a deck and looking at the Great Barrier Reef.

    Flying to Australia...There's a Great Barrier, if you ask me. I keep telling myself "If Dogger could do it, you can too." And Dogger made that flight solo. But he was a great deal tougher than me. That Barrier Reef is taunting me. "Here I am, but you've never seen me, nah nah nah nah nah. And you call yourself a scuba diver..."

    I wish Dogger was here to egg me on. Damn I miss him!

    I'm posting this here and on my page too. This feature confuses me.
  5. Good idea re. the trip report and especially the template for the hard of writing.

    Pictures of obvious bear traps like your corrugated slope and sand pit would be a great help as well, I spend ages squinting at pics. in brochures trying to judge gradients and the like, invariably it's worse/better than I thought, the photographer has to be a wheeler to get a meaningful shot.
  6. I got my trip photos up! Under Travel etc forum, Trip Report, Isla Mujeres. Since it freakin' snowed in OK this a.m., I keep looking at them!

    I think CC should have a rule. No posting of travel photos w/out a trip report. I could write a template, so the writing-averse could just fill in the blanks. What do you think? When ppl don't report, we don't learn from their experiences...
  7. I can't believe you were surprised when a hot guy hit on you, look at your avatar and "study more" (I do miss him sometimes)!

    Bummer re. the diving but the island sounds heavenly and I can't wait to see the pics.
  8. Hey - you're back, I've missed your posts, rumor has it that you've been diving in Mexico, if so where are the pics?

    Your public awaits!
  9. If they make a scene, you'll survive anyway. It was a proud day for me, on my wedding day. Mom yelled across the yard at Dad "Frank, it's good to see you're still an ASSHOLE!" (She had a stroke, has no filters.)

    I laugh about it now.

    And now I'm laughing about it! PRICELESS!
  10. Are you and the pajama case (sorry Dingo) on the road yet?
  11. Is there a tutorial we can sign up for about using this new format?
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