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  1. Sharon,

    Sorry for the delayed response. I was paralyzed (C7) in an MVA in Charlottesville in 1986. I was 17. I am sorry to say that the first year are two are by far the worst. I had a great network of support. It is hell on earth coping with it, but it does get less difficult.

    I am in avery different place with SCI than your son is. He has more time where he could see some return. Keep looking for treatment. In my opinion, exercise-therapy is the only thing worth paying for now. As far currenty, I just exercise moderately the muscle I still do have - more so for generally health than for recovery.

    I would tell him even without more recovery he can have a great life. I have a graduate degree, a successful career, 3 kids fantastic kids, and a superwomen as my wife. He is not a a place to entertain such a vision - with a wheelchair as part of it. And that's how it should be. Keep fighting the fight and good luck.

    I'd be happy to chat anytime.

  2. Hey Quadfather..I see you are from Richmond VA. I also live in the RIC area, Midlothian. My son is 15 yrs old and a T4, 6 months post. We are just learning about local organizations and services. Trying to get him involved at Sportable and have jioned SCIAVA. Any good suggestions for a newbie? Do you do thereapy locally?
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