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  1. Missing my brother, B0bkat. Rest old friend...
  2. Just found this doing some research. DEFINITIVE proof that 'guys like us' CAN heal femur with surgery.
    once again CALL me Cya Bro
  3. Y0 pHorKsTicK!! Gimme a phonecall when u get this, always have my phone don't often check digital comms...
    later Brother
  4. With a little Bob Marley playin' on the mp3 player. Or on one of your turntables. Just don't bogart that joint my friend. Especially the ones rolled using a whole sheet of newsprint... you'll pass the hell out.
  5. Hi John, It sure was. I had to give it up or maybe get into some trouble. And I got tired of it after 18 years. I'm in retirement now! Where the hell have you been? Long time brother.
  6. Where ya been big guy?
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