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  1. It's all good, man. You're one of my favorites here.
  2. Sorry I didn't make things easier Steven. I can only hope you know where my heart is as far as this site and those who contribute.
  3. Time to hand out red cards Steven...
  4. Start some "hottest chick"/adi style threads and it'll explode with activity.
  5. Dude, it's not a hit. At least not yet. I hope it picks up. I feel responsible somewhat for its success.
  6. I'm waiting for someone to claim Big Wheel in that car thread.
  7. Done!
  8. Steven, any way to get the word limit extended for each post? 1000 characters isn't much.

    Thanks again!!
  9. Will do. Give me the weekend to think on it. Current thought: "Be asshats here--not in the forums."
  10. It's wonderful Steven. Thank you! Could you please set some, if not rules, guidance so we can still beat the hell out of each other but not get anyone in trouble?
  11. You gotta accept the invite, first.
  12. Do you see a "Post New Discussion" link?
  13. Steven, how do I start a topic? Is there a visible link to start a thread? Thanks.
  14. We won!
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