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  1. R&S = Relationship & Sexuality. Those who want female input will likely still post their questions there.
  2. Whats R&S? Not sure, I am just observing ppl's characteristic over-all. I am new here so, but I pretty much figured out who's confrontational. I've learned to stay away from the religious forums. It would be great if people can respect others....
  3. Would posting in a more private forum change the advice you'd give in, say, R&S?
  4. yea, that would be the one we're on now. I love this site! I may not post much, because I am afraid ppl may lash out at me...I get hurt easily. But over-all I enjoy it. I've gotton ppl at Mt Sinai reading....well, remember women can give great advice to men we see thing different... Thanks for your time Steven
  5. No can do, little lady. Perhaps there could be another social group to include both men and women?
  6. lol, I know I know didnt hurt to try...ahhhhh now all the good posts are gone...Can i spy
  7. Sorry debbie.
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