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  1. Hi Jim, knowing that the lever won't move is very useful info (not provided in the installation booklet of Veigel). I'd assume it's the same with menox.
    Thanks and take care
  2. Hi Jim, thanks much for the info. Don't think the Veigel could be folded in the car i just got (Kia Optima...yes, i know, sounds like a loser, but actually found it optimal for my needs). There is far less than 3" space between the seat and console. Then the Veigel would be no advantage over Menox. What happens anyway when AB drives the car with Veigel (not folded) or Menox. Does the lever moves backward/upward each time the gas or brake is pushed? No way to inactivate the system when not in use? Thanks again. Sorry i can't come from south jersey to MA to see your demo.
  3. Hi Jim, following up on your posts about the Veigel system you were to install on a Volvo. How did it go? Any pictures? My concern is about the seat possibly interfering with folding down the lever when not in use (when the car is driven by AB). Is it possible to install the system and have it working with the seat nearly moved up to the max? or is there a limitation with that?
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