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  1. 0213-7075450
  2. What is ur contact number Fahad? How can i call u when i come to karachi? Ur cell number or home number?
  3. I would have wished you on ur birthday dear but i did not check it. See u soon in karachi Inshallah
  4. Thank you dear. Sorry i dont know about ur birthday. Nice that we are both libra.
  5. happy bday!!!
  6. Nice to hear that u r from karachi brother. I was in karachi one week before. I am living in District Mirpurkhas dear. My city name is Jhuddo. Where u live in karachi? Will be happy to meet you in karachi because mostly i come there for work. I will be coming karachi again soon. I am giving u my cell number. 0333-2060600
    Will be happy to talk to you fahad bhai. God bless you.
  7. I m from karachi...c5 c6 since 2005..where u live now?
  8. Hi. Yes i m from Pakistan. I am from Sindh. My city is Jhuddo in District Mirpurkhas. Where r u from dear?
  9. Hi
    r u from pak?if yes which city?
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