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  1. The day of my accident the last thing I did at work was to slid down a down spout 250 feet in the air and put a duct tape patch on a hole so we could take in the fall crop until it rained so it could be fixed properly. On the way home to this day I am not sure what happened but I missed a corner in a correction cure. I landed in the hospital with 35 broken ribs, 2 broken scapula, a collapsed lung, and a burst T8 with a severed spinal cord at that approximate level.

    After physical therapy, I made a decision to go back to school and got degrees in Ag Business and Economics from Iowa State. Hoping to land a job in grain sales and ag-input products, I bought a house in Britt. Brit, IA what the hell why Britt? Well it is on the corner of four of the largest Co-op’s in the state and if there is anywhere in the world to find an opportunity would be here, or so I thought.
  2. Hi, just saw both of your messages, the new one and the old one about the pump, sorry about that. Yeah, I met your dad at HyVee a while back. I'd forgotten about it because at the time I was so busy finding a place to live, and with work, etc. But now I'm not working much, trying to figure out my next step. I need a change, and might go back to school. Your dad was cool, a very nice guy, I liked him. I forgot his name, and I forgot what he said your name is. This winter has been hell, hasn't it? I'm wondering if I should move south before next winter comes. I moved here to be close to and hang out with my friend Melissa, who's quad, and who I met on this website a decade ago. I moved here 1 1/2 years ago...and bought a house last May. How're things going for you? I think your dad said you were farming...
  3. Must ask did you meet my dad in Algona a few months back?
  4. I know what you are going through with the Baclofen pump situation. Hey I went to Iowa State and would think you would have better luck at the veterinarian school. At least there they are used to working with people who cannot tell them where it hurts.
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