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  1. RDF,

    Wow, I was taken to town! Thank I may just give the forum a break for awhile. I do respect you and hope you believe me. I know it looks pretty bad but I wouldn't lie just to look good. Talk to you at a later date. Have a good Christmas!
  2. You made some good points about President to leave Bush. I don't like him and never did like him. He has made many mistakes that will challenge president elect Obama. I just think it takes two to fight and in this political poison environment. Bush did pass some spending bills trying to reach out that he wasn't given enough credit by republicans or democrats. Don't get me wrong, I am a liberal all the way through my body. Talk to you later friend!
  3. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well friend!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving bdvaneven, hope you had a good day friend.
  5. rdf,

    I enjoy reading your post especially the ones about DA. I'm not sure what world he lives in? Maybe he should give up one of his jobs so he has more of a chance to think before he replies. Happy Thanksgiving!
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