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  1. Dear Chuck,

    Hi! Man, I haven't chatted with you in a while as well. Man, the wheather has been horrible in WA this winter. First we had 2 feet of snow, now we have major flooding and wind. Several roads and major highways are closed because of the flooding. I was gonna finish my shopping today in Olympia, but there was no transit service out of the county today because of the flooding.

    My Christmas was okay. I was rather ill because the snow kept me from getting to IV Therapy, but I tried to distract myself from the ill feeling to open presents and stuff. I got a set of bedsheets and pillowcases from my Mom and Stepdad, a painting set from my brother, homemade cookies from Granny, a digital camera from Granny, another paining kit from my aunt and uncle, $50.00 from a lady at church, a Lego kit from my friend, and several cards. What did you get this year?

    That neat about the wedding you went to. I bet you danced all night long!
  2. Hey Jessie,
    How are things with you? I haven't chatted with you in a while. How was your Christmas and New Years? Both of those holidays were fine for me. The biggest news is that my best friend from grade school got married. I was in the wedding and had lot's of fun. I sat through the ceremony but got up and danced in my wheelchair during the wedding reception.
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