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  1. Hi Huckleberry. You picked the wrong person for technical support. I'm not very gifted about computers either. My daughters help me. But they do have a form titled "computer" on CareCure. Have you seen it? Do you know where the list of forms are? go here and ask any question you want & CC members will help you.
    When you get there, click new "New Thread" top left.
    Enter a title, then ask what you want to know in the box titled message. Then click "submit new thread" at the bottom of the message.
    My screen does the same thing when I enlarge the font. One of the member will know what to do just ask. I hope this helps. You're welcome. Let me know, Mona
  2. Mona - YOuw ere so kind to me before when I asked you about Skippy, and I have a new question. Are there any user directions on how to use this site. I have low vision, and it is kind of frustrating bcz when I enlarge the fonts, I can only see half of a screen at a time. Thus I might have easily missed something - but I have put in to the search engine, directions, and gotten nothing helpful. I try to post on some fo the groups to ask a serious question, but nothing happens, etc. I am also not very technically gifted, as if you could not guess that from my question. I just want to use the site to it full advantage. Thanks, Huckleberry, also born in 1951.
  3. I just looked she posted 2-28.
  4. As far as I know. I thought I saw her posts a couple of days back. Did you look at her profile under statistics. Should show her last post.
  5. Is Skippy13 still a member of this community? I was without a computer for quite a long time, and just got back online tonight. I sent her a reply to her message, and received a response of user unknown. Do you have any information about her? Thanks, huckleberry
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