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  1. hi Cass I so agree with the pain thing, I am just sticking it out for a while longer until I can retire with full benefits. Take care and I look forward to chatting more with you.
  2. hi chris! I was just thinking of you and V last night. I can no longer work due to pain. will write more later.
  3. Hi Cass this is Chris from Coos Bay OR how have you been? Was thinking about you when I heard Boeing was moving some supprt down to Arizona, hope you are in a good place with that. Also hope you and the kid are are doing well he looks great in the picture. I am working for the state not sure if I was when we met in Cannon Beach so long ago. Last I heard Victoria is living in Bandon. Thats about it time to get my day started try and stay warm today we have a cold high pressure down from from Alaska then spring starts this weekend with warm weather.
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