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  1. Happy bday bobby!!!!! Is that your face in the pic? nice..........
  2. Oh yeah, you andtwo friends were coming home from a football game - a damn drunk took aim on you and you lost two friends. You were 15 then, right? Are you still bff with Reba?
  3. Try 27 plus 4............Not dead yet, though you must be close beings how ancient you are??????????? ;D I'll be coming up on fucking 16 years post, oct 1 ........ 16 para and 15 ab.......don't feel sorry for myself but that you been bro?
  4. Lexi (tbird3ts), How the hell are you? When I met you, you were a teenager, now (while I remember your b'day is on 3/15) I'm not sure how old you are. If I had to guess it's about 27. Answer me you little vixen.

  5. Lexi's birthday is coming up on March 15th, everyone send her money so she can take another trip to Rodeo Drive.
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