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  1. You're one of the very few females in my life that can crack the whip and make me "study",but I need that. I'm stressing over this week,and never had to use a tutor before. I don't care that everyone reads this either! I'm not ashamed,or embarrassed *to say I need help. It's the first time and more than likely won't be the last. I'm going to prepare for exams alot more today.

    Gunnslinger8 is stressed!
  2. I read that college thread earlier and there's alot of posts that I'm going through now. I will NEVER use my disability to get extra time on tests! I might need a note taker later on down the line but not now. I just use it (disability paperwork) for the days it rains...if not I would get the boot.
  3. Are you needing a 'pass' for the rest of the night? You got it!!!
  4. I did 2hrs this morning and 3 straight hrs with a tutor and 1 and a half earlier. I'm burnt more tonight!
  5. Studying what...this forum? lol I know you needed a mental break...lots of them! Good luck on your exams! Don't forget to study!!!!!
  6. I have to study. The midterms are this week coming up! My brain hurts!
  7. It's Sat. night....why aren't you out having fun ?
  8. I think we've all been frustrated one time or another. I'm satisfied being alone.
  9. Is this experience talking?
  10. Someone just emailed me and said the forbidden message is off now,and they were right.
  11. I see everyone thought they were " Banned ". I saw it and said " What did I do now " ( joking )
  12. Looks like this is the meeting place for apparelyzed. Is there enough room for me? NO! Okay I'll leave.
  13. Thank you goose! I will talk to you SOON...I hope. My FB is about ready...I think???????? My friends are helping cause I need HELP! ( infasaze on help ) did I spell that right? LOL!
  14. I just read a post from Simon on FB ...APPLZ has a new server and should be up in a few days!
  15. It doesn't matter if I'm a senior now and your a junior. I still look up to you,very few I can say that about.
  16. Ha're a senior and I'm just a junior.....
  17. I'm glad to see you learned something from me. Thanks for the welcome...but what happened to my friend request?
  18. Oh my looky here. Are you cheating on apparalyzed? You welcomed me,now I'm welcoming you.You might be surprised,but no fights yet haha.Almost though,I had to take a deep breath.I want these six shooters to become rusty,but I always keep them by my side.they might become mind never will( just as quick as ever ).I hope you have a great time here,but be careful.they don't have filters here,and some are mentally unbalanced.don't care if they see this.if offended there the one.BYE. Gunnslinger8
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