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  1. Hi! i have same level of injury one year earlier then you 12/17/07 my semi rolled over and burn total i remember my self 5 days later in hospital after the surgery. main problem C 5 6 7, also L1 4, T12 8 paralyzed below my nipple line and no arm function
    left Craig 3 month later in wheelchair with Asia A no b/b and spasm like little control legs movement
    didn't use wheelchair at home move like a worm on the floor with help of my son 6years old and my wife 6 month pregnant at this time!!!!!
    now walking full time with one crutch
    using electric stimulation NeuroCare machine bought on eBay $1000 new one $3500 and with prescription in gym 3-4 times a week 1.5 hours/session
    have 60% arms left stronger and 45% legs left stronger
    big problem --pain and week leg on the site where doctors took bone marrow from iliac spine (right side)

    what exercises are you doing and what helps you the most?
    cong with baby!!!!

    sorry for my English
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