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  1. Hi Joe,
    How are you? I guess I'm lucky, usually I don't have backpain except when I slip with my foot sometimes I feel a sharp pain in my column that disappears within a minute. All the pain I have is restricted to my feet. I got a constantly burning sensation in my left foot and sometimes in my right one as well. In the meantine I learned to ignore it and it doesn't hurt as much if you dont pay any attention. I think it got a little better too but it's always there. In the time shortly after the accident I had heavy nerve pain and spastics especially in my lower legs and heavy back pain as well but no spastics there but this kinds of pain disappeared again, thank god. I can get by without any meds for over a year now, but last week I slipped badly and my right ankle is swollen, but the doctor said its probably not serious. It was nice to hear from you again. Please tell me, how you are faring. Have a nice day!
    Bye Margrit
  2. Margrit,

    Just curious, do you have any pain issues like sciatica? I ask because I have been having nerve pain in my lower back and down my sciatic nerve. Just wondered if you had any similar issues and if so did you find anything that helped.


  3. Helllo
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