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  1. I had my son prematurely at just 1lb 4oz and some trying times in the NICU doctors thought he had NEC during this period he became extremely swollen and retained over 3lbs in fluid. I realized that my baby was not moving his arms much but he would move his hands minimally. After nearly 30 days of complaining the doctors did a tap in which revealed a great deal of blood. After this the doctor ordered an MRI in which they sd they found blood in his spinal cord and brain stem. They can only speculate how this has happened to him but are unsure and unaware of what type of treatment is necessary for him to recover. Is this something that you have heard of or is in anyway familiar with? Will the blood in the spine reabsorb int the body? With him being so small as his body grows will the spine regenerate or connect good nerves in place of the damaged ones? Will the spinal cord repair itself? There has been no trauma and only his arms and possibly neck affected. What to expect? Help!
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