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  1. Hi - I am a quad (c5/6) but I'm one those lucky F's that can do my own care, drive and use a manual. Yeah you should look into college and see what would be available. There was this blind woman in my technology class and she had a dude help her assignments so I don't see why someone couldn't help you while in class. You could probably do some at school and some online. I'm full time but it's spread out. I would like to teach 4th graders cuz the kids this age seem to be well-behaved but of course I'll probably get a class full of heathens lol. You can ask me any questions, if you haven't noticed I love to talk lol.
  2. i had a very good christmas thanks

    so are you a quad with limited hand function? i ask because you said you have somebody take notes for you but in your pictures it looks like you drive and use a manual chair, i'll have to look into college, maybe i could do it if they have the kind of support here that you get in nevada, i can shrug my shoulders but nothing below that

    what grade and subjects would you like to teach

    just tell me to fuk off if I ask too many questions
  3. I actually know where Pahrump is, I've been there twice and you're right it's small and not much there. That's great you have good support with family and your friends. I'm not certain but I think if you were to go to college the school would get someone to help you out in class. I don't need much help at school but I still used the Disability
    resource for test taking and having someone take notes for me. Well since I just started I still have 3-4years before I earn a degree, god I'll be freaking old before I get into a class lol. Thanks, I did have a great Christmas, I hope you did too.
  4. you had to look up pahrump nv? it was a really small town, don't know now

    so you live in nevada? i used to live in henderson, just up the street from sunset station and worked at the hard rock hotel, i liked nevada but they didn't want to take care of my ass any more so i'm back in california, i have it real good here with my parents and my buddy i've known since high school is my caregiver

    i adjusted pretty quick after my injury, now it's been more than 13 years and nothing has really changed but the years, i'm not going to school, i've taken a lot of online classes and thought about going to school but it seems like it would be a pain, i'd need somebody going to classes with me

    congratulations on finishing your first year, when do you start up again and how many years will you need schooling before you're shaping young minds?

    i hope you are having a good christmas eve and in a few hours christmas
  5. I had to look to find this answer lol. Oh wow this happened here in NV, bummer. You seem being doing well, are you going to school? I just finished my first year in college, am going to be a school teacher. I was hurt coming home from lake mead with my then bf, we crashed his truck turning a corner. And you know the drill with all that fun shit of rehab. Yeah it's good to meet you too. I'm always around too.
  6. Thanks for writing back. Hey, can I ask how you got hurt? You gotta laugh at shit or else it just ain't fun. Jerri
  7. hi and thanks, it's not hard to have great pictures when your as good looking as myself, haha, i've been a member for a while but haven't done much on here, was looking around the other day, saw a few of yours, some fun shit, had me laughing, thanks again for the compliment, i'll be around

  8. Hi - great pictures.
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