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  1. HKL? are u still undergoing some treatment?
  2. bike on and sportaid gives the best price u could ever find.that is as cheap as u can get...the product u're looking is without doubt the best.dont compare OX to any wheelchair.even compared to a quickie, OX still sucks...

    u can private message rather than leaving notes like this.
    or hit me up : 0177527332
    i'll be in HKL starting from tomorrow for a month maybe...
  3. m checkin with sport aid n bike also. cant believe the price of them.....are they all pricy?
  4. thanks nia.
    i cant find a way to reply directly?!!
    do we always need to post message like this , or is there a shortcut that i missed
    m checking with tetra that sowseng gave me
  5. and hey, I'm also a johorean.hit me up so we can hang out some times.
  6. erm...i agree with sowseng.if singapore is out of your option, consider a quickie. maycare have various range of models.

    buying online is also an option. and bike-on is 2 good company, cheapest available online.

    OX is just a waste of money...*testimonial from a real user..." just my 2cent.
  7. hi nia
    i m new here n from JB.
    i m tryin to get the OX wheelchair for my son. do you have that zulkafli email address? many thanks
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