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  1. Happy spring ah ok, thank you.
  2. like....Happy Easter.... My previous "likes" were for a lack of a like button to push in response to your photo
  4. Thanks. It's me I dont have any kids or biological clock
  5. You or your daughter? She's a beautiful child
  6. so now we will see the real you?
  7. Yes miss Leschinsky, I shall troll no longer.
  8. well you're nothing if not persistent!
  9. xxxxx (minimum 5 characters, so
  10. straight? you?
  11. damn....
  12. I find it preferable to an xy.
  13. hot and witty...AND an XX chromosome pair
  14. they can be, depending on the phases of the moon
  15. hmmm but I thought women were 'whiney'...
  16. Yup. Hot. no question there
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