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  1. Tatiepoo, I am sorry that this is so delayed. I have not been looking at visitor messages and just found yours. I don't know the situation and therefore don't feel that it is appropriate form to comment. In general, I oppose amputating legs in order to reduce weight of people. It is not reversible and I don't think that it helps all that much. Wise.
  2. my husband became paralysed in october 2010. he was burned in 2005, 65% of his body from the waist down. he has had a lot os celulitis infections over the years. he had stepped on 3 nails in july 2010 and was taken off his feet. his legs stiffened up and he couldn't walk. dr sent him to skilled nursing facility for rehab. he was walking 60 steps with walker. rehab therapist went to get him out of bed one morning and let him go, he fell to the floor and never walked again. drs at memorial hermann in houston said the infection had settled in his spine and had eat up th bottom of his 4th vertabre and the top of the 5th,. they did surgery on his spine. he is in the hospital now with a pressure wound they are treating. the drs. there are talking to him about amputating his legs so he can get around better. not have as much weight to move around. can you tell me what your opinion is about this.
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