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  1. Hi sham,

    Could be better, do you feel in mood today?
    Good to hear that you visit the shop and learn new things.
    So, do you have any idea what kind of wheelchair do you want now ?
  2. hi sowseng
    how r u?
    just visited Seb from tetra aid below. thanks a lot man.
    i m really amazed at the technicality of getting a many specs etc...
  3. thanks sowseng. m checking with tetra now. apparently form the web the tilite all sold out!!! will drop by the shop tomorrow if it opens....thanks man
  4. sham, this are all expensive wheelchair, so, normal shop there don't sell it. Since you are in JB, why not you buy Tilite wheelchair from singapore, I give you the contact of the singapore guy to you

    tel:65 92393848
  5. thanks.
    i m in JB....doesnt look like any wheelchair shops here that sell this brands...
  6. Hi,

    The SOCSO provide my Quickie through Maycare, near Shah Alarm (if I am not mistaken.) For the OX, please call this number: 0132193031
  7. hi there,
    please can you tell me where to get the OX or quickie?
    i m new here
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