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  1. Sowseng, while browsing through TiLite's new Options Brochure just now, I saw a high-mount flip-back footrest!
  2. OK, good, thanks for your opinion so far, that I make up my to choose Oracing F2.
  3. The High-Mount Flip-Back Footrest is finished for my TiLite. I posted about it in the Equipment thread. Let me know if you have questions
  4. I'm gathering the parts, the last of which I should have by Monday. I need only three parts, but they're not as common as I thought. Their total cost isn't much though: <$10US.
  5. How's your footrest trial goes?
  6. Please kindly show me the picture as well, thanks.
  7. I don't see a high-mount flipback footrest on TiLite's eStore, but I sure think it would possible. Right now I have a 2x4 screwed on the top my flipback footest to temporarily increase its height. It works just fine. I will try installing some longer bolts with standoffs to see how well that method works (it would sure be lighter).

    Obtaining a high-mount flipback footrest might be a very cheap, do-it-yourself project. Write me back in a few days, to remind me to let you know how my trial goes.
  8. Hi,

    I have a friend ordering ZRA, and her seat to footrest is 13". I know that this measurement need high mount footrest. But she need flip back footrest too, is it possible for her to have a flip back footrest on a high mounting?
  9. Saw this in ebay, most of the configuration fit me, just that don't know the footrest height can adjust to 14" or not.
  10. Thanks Chasmengr.
  11. Sowseng, I talked with Mark at TiLite just now. The fixed back DU is NOT available on the AeroZ.
  12. Hi,
    Planning to have a second chair. Still hesitate should I go for ZR or AeroZ 2 with enforcement. AeroZ will save me a lot of money, but will it stand through travel by flight? Does the series 2 backrest problem has really solve? Does AeroZ 2 has rigid backrest option?(I remember someone said it has). Thanks, good day.
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