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  1. You too Debbie! It's nice to see your face again
  2. Better late than never. I hoped u enjoyed your holidays & best wishes for the new year. Sexy Man
  3. How are you sweet girl? I hope life is treating you well Debbie
  4. You too Debbie, here's to a great 2011 for both of us!
  5. Best Wishes for 2011, Wishing you all the best! keep writing cause i love reading your post I think thats what keeps me around now
  6. Merry Christmas Debbie
  7. Merry merry Christmas
  8. Thanks debbier, you're very kind Can never have too many friends, right?
  9. I'm a heathen.......Nah I've been reading your posts..I am glad to have a new "cute" friend......
  10. Hi debbier, hope you're doing well. Here's a thread a Father started some time back:

    I want to pray for you.

    Welcome to CareCure I'm a heathen, but that doesn't mean I can't pass on a good thread. Take care

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