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  1. So how did you do???????????
  2. OK Bro we want a play by play then! my buds at Jr Nationals did OK, but both came in too small. Vince did 11th in superheavy and Jason 7th (out of 7) in Welterweight
  3. It's this weekend.I'm ready!!!
  4. Hey Bro! contest results?
  5. great pic! Yeah I worked out a system where I disconnect the bag and leave it in the truck and plug the cath. I sweat so heavily i dont usually need to leak during training.
  6. That's great man.We all deal with that.Glad you've overcome it.Dieting is going good.Abs are so hard to get like I want,spcath and col/bag limit movements but I'm in better shape than last year.Look in post your photo thread.
  7. awesome! thanks to BeeCee and Capn Crip and YOU, I've gotten over being embarrassed by some of my physical issues that were holding me back.

    Hows the dieting?
  8. Cool,the schedule is on WCBB under upcoming events.
  9. soon as I get a schedule out of WCBB, but I'm guessing spring '10. I have a PL meet in October.
  10. Going good.When are you competing in WCBB?
  11. hows the prep coming along big guy?
  12. Dang!
  13. Nationals were March 21st in florida.
  14. cool interested in meeting both of you to talk about training. where are nationals this year?
  15. Yes met him last year at the USA's.
  16. You know Jason Greer?
  17. Training for USA's.
  18. sup Bro?
  19. Getting better brother!!!
  20. How goes the recuperation?
  21. Groovy Bro!
  22. I'm much better.I finish antibiotics saturday.
  23. hey buddy! how are you feeling?
  24. letme know so i can show up and hoot and holler for you!
  25. In march I hope.
  26. Thanks Buddy! whens your next show?
  27. Happy Birthday!!!1
  28. Hi Brock,

    Nice to meet you.I've lifted weights my whole life.Being a wrestler I needed to be in shape.Now a WCBB I'm back in action.

    Check these out.
  29. Man you are amazing! bodybuilder here too, looking into wc racing on orders from my doc to do more cardio. Merry Christmas to you and your family
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