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  1. Greetings Wise. First, thank you for this resource and the time & effort you invest in it. I've been a C5 quad for 23+ years, and within five minutes of joining the CC forums I came across a photo of another C5 member who figured out a way to do something I've been trying to do for 20+ years. THANK YOU!

    Second, last week I posted a new thread titled "calling all C-5 quads" in which I proposed possibly starting a forum for folks with C5 level injuries. The thread received a pretty good response with a dozen replies to the affirmative. Now, after looking through the forums I wonder if creating a forum for such a specific group fits your idea of how this system is to be organized. In my typical backwards fashion, I got the cart before the horse. So I ask you, is there room here for a C5 (C4/5/6) forum and if so, would serve a purpose? If a specific forum for our group is not a good idea, do you have any suggestions or recommendations for how we might best organize a discussion?

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